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S&W are a subcontract solution to Main Contracting services of Strip out and office or site clearance. S&W Building Services is a company with a growing reputation for reliability and high standards and the versatility to solve logistical problems in challenging environments.

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Strip-out, De-construction & Clearance:

This subcontract solution has been established from our experience working in main contracting and Subcontract Joinery and our recognition that sometimes a demolition contractor is the wrong trade to carry out an office or a Refurbishment strip out. S&W have developed a unique approach to strip out which offers our client a de-construct approach to strip out during refurbishments. We can provide a professional and confident team to carryout complicated strip out in live and sensitive environments. We can provide a labour plant and skip service on projects ranging from 1k to 250k and can incorporate asbestos removal, Air Conditioning/M&E and furniture removal as part of our order.

S&W offer a service we call Rip N Strip which is predominently non-structural strip out of furnishings, walls, floors, ceilings and other building attributes that are no longer required when a building is refurbished. Our team is managed on a daily basis by one of our Directors or Managers to ensure that efficiency programme and sequence awareness, recycling and safety is maintained.

Quite often the logistics of these jobs is paramount to the success of it and we have experience working in busy cities such as Leeds, Newcastle, Sunderland, Bradford, York, Manchester, Northampton, Middlesbrough, Liverpool, Luton, Doncaster, Scarborough, Rhyl, Grimsby, Sheffield, Oxford, Lincoln, Bognor Regis, Kilmarnock, Birmingham, Nottingham, London and Southern Wales for nationally recognisable clients.

Arnold Clark Leeds - Commercial Garage Refurb YBS Bradford - Financial sector de-construction
Wood Mitchell Building Group. In the summer of 2014 S&W completely stripped the inside of both the Fiat and Honda garage in Leeds consisting of Steelwork, insitu concrete stairs, precast plank Mezzanine, blockwork walls, floor tiling, plasterboard and ceilings throughout. Working with WM who carried out the complete Re-Modelling of Yorkshire Building Society Headquarters in Bradford on Yorkshire Drive at the top of the M606. The works consisted of removing all floor coverings, suspended/and plasterboard ceilings, metal stud partitions and blockwork walls, doorsets, glazed screens, wall paper, all furniture and more. We stripped 36000 sq feet of this building over ten phases throughout 2014 becoming increasingly efficient and safely delivering each phase quicker, whilst working in a live office environment.
Eldon Square Bowling, Newcastle (Int demolition) - Leisure York Royal Theatre - Leisure Sector
Etec Contracts Services. The 2014 December challenge of working on the 5th Floor of Eldon Square Shopping Centre and removing a complete Bowling club consisting of lockers, carpet, bowling green, chipboard, battens, polystyrene, and the small task of manually breaking up and carting out of the building 305T of concrete. We did it in 3weeks, without a single complaint from customer or other shops! William Birch & Sons. During the prestigious refurbishment of 4 floors of York Royal Theatre in 2015 we have been the sole stripout contractor removing the oak stage, all the seats, carpets, Mezzanines, Masonry walls up to 1m thick, ceilings, Bars, acoustic doors, screens and sundries. We have found it a privilege working with a competent Main Contractor in a building of national importance with asbestos and archaeological finds daily. We will book seats on opening night!
McDonalds Scunthorpe landlord stripout - Commercial Beverley Racecourse alterations - Leisure
WM appointed S&W as the pre-refurbishment self-managed team of this existing 2 storey McDonalds, which was removed back to perimeter walls before it was refurbished into a flag ship Yorkshire Bank on Scunthorpe Pedestrian High Street. The Together Group brought S&W in for speed and our skills taking out sections of the concrete grandstand to the famous Beverley Racecourse set in East Yorkshire,including the Bars and office stripouts.
Carmarthen Post Office Debrand - Commercial Blockbuster Manchester - Administration demo
Carmarthen (South Wales) Post Office De-brand and stripout was just one of tens of Post Offices we completed in the Season of 2014/15 in under a week. Debrand and stripout back to Landlord shell of the former Blockbuster at Ashton Under Lyne was an ideal job for S&W, given the keys by the Main Contractor we provided SMSTS and First Aid working manager to remove furniture, counters, carpets, partitions and ceilings and at least 4000 empty DVD/game cases, not a single DVD found in the building!

Specialist Strip Out:

S&W are qualified Category B Asbestos Removers and can help our clients to reduce strip out costs that involve asbestos by offering our services within a Rip N Strip quote. In the UK we stopped using Asbestos products in 1999 but many refurbishments still come across Asbestos which building owners have a legal responsibility to identify. The Asbestos Report or Survey carried out by the Building owners will often identify Vinyl Tiles, adhesive, gaskets and window boards, 95% of asbestos found in Asbestos Reports can be safely removed by S&W during a Landlord strip-out, please ask us for more information.

S&W are specialists at removal of Mechanical and Electrical equipment including Air Conditioning and can carry out this work as a Sub-Sub in isolation for an M&E business or as part of the main strip out package for a Main Contractor or Building owner. We have the experience and capacity to safely and methodically identify, trace and remove Heating/Air Conditioning and Electrical services both internally and externally. At the project shown above the complete strip included the dismantling and removal of roof mounted Air Conditioning traced through 8 office floors in a City Centre Location, which was carried out without disturbance to the other two live floors within the building. S&W work closely with Aircon Refrigeration who specialise in all aspects of Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning and Ventilation service provision to commercial and industrial premises. Whilst S&W will do most of the stripout ourselves the licensed removal of gasses will be carried out by our partners Aircon Refrigeration. http://www.aircon-refrigeration.co.uk/

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